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Attention all you bitch niggass.....
I don't know why this muthfucka chose the "Don's" name, I guess he was just impressed, i dont know why white boys always run test on niggas!but now its time to set the record straight!
We see all you haters out there, but bitch--we ain't goin' NOWHERE!! Tell Wounice (that bitch-ass nigga) that I'm gonna buy his muthafuckin' publishing from OX Cash! He made more money cleaning carpets than he does now, so stay off my homeboy's dick! This is the real, uncensored underground shit, we don't pay the hos SHIT!! Oh, yeah, and to Wouncie's #1 DICK-RIDER, I'm gonna send your ass a VISA application muthafucka. Broke-ass, faggot -ass, biting-ass nigga!! SPELLED that right, didn't I? What kinda nigg is named "freaky" anyway? You probably have a tongue ring too, don't you? You are steadily licking Wouncie's asscrack, where is your interview nigga? It's been "coming soon for about two years now! Develop your own shit, is that nigga paying you? I hope-the-fuck so!


60min video

Throwback Backwoods USA Tour

We are taking Throwbackbitch.com on the road, traveling to all the craziest, weirdest, backwoods-country towns in the USA. Our first stop was in this piss-ass town in Arkansas. SOme of the craziest, freakiest people live here. We were not even in town five fuckin' minutes before shit started poppin' off!! You know we KEEP the cameras rollin'! Muthafuckas were eating pussy in the middle of the street, we met Bill Clinton's weirdo cousin (you have got to see this crazy trench-coat wearing muthafucka!), and all kinds of other weird-ass, inbred muthafuckas! Tune in, we bring it ALL to you!! Shit that will get your dick on hard, AND have your ass rolling!


The World Pimp Cup 2

P met up with this gangsta bitch that wanted to challenege him for his pimp cup. She said she was down for whatever. So she picked that nigga up and they wnet back to the dope house

with the Mexicans you know how they do it. the little Homey just got out the county for dope charge so you know that nigga was ready to tear up something. so join now and get the real pimp action right here at the TROWBACK Pimp Cup Bitch



Granny Gone Wild 2

This weak ass nigga stole a dub sack of weed from P and he found out. Word got out on the streets that P was looking for this nigga. One night when P was at Buy FOr Less grocery store to buy some cheese he ran inot that nigga's grandma. She BEGGED P to leave her grandson alone, not to fuck him up. And P, being the pimp that he is, asked her what was she going to do for him. She said she would do ANYTHING for P not to fuck her grandson up! So P hooked up with her later that night, and Oh Boy!! Granny was a straight freak!! P said she could suck dick better that some eighteen-year olds in the game! We guess she had plenty of time to get her techniqyue down! This old bitch had sex toys and evertyhing! You don't want to miss this episode! Watch how it all goes down, and granny goes wild!

La La with a fat Ass

This is Real JOIN NOW This is some shit that i Thought would never happen... i fuck my girl friend Mama!Man i have been ready to fuck her . When i was a little boy i would dream of hiting her she would baby sit me and i wold love when she would wear her night gown that shit made me go crazy!! 30 years later she is still fine. i stll want to fuckthis fine yellow bad bitch....If you ever wanted to fuck a MILF then you can relate all you other bitch NIGGAS GONE TO HATE!!!!!!!!!!

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ohh lala
The Uglys

Now this is some TRUE Throwback shit! Momma AND daughter fighting over P! What happened was this. The daughter had been wanting to be one of P's hos for a long time. So P went ahead and put her down. Anyway, her mom flew in from Tenessee, and of course she wanted her mom to meet P. Well, not only did her she meet that nigga, the bitch wanted to suck his dick too! Now what kind of shit is that?! THROWBACK shit! Don't miss this episode to find out what happens. Does the bitch break down and cry, or does she raise up and whup her momma's ass for suckin' her man's dick? Tune in and see!



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