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NOW SHOWING :Family First:The Nina Ross Story

his Movie was written and Directed By Nyree Simone. A young lady, Nina, has to move in with her Aunt Moody and younger brother Terrence, after their mom died in a car accident. Soon after, the young lady discovers that her mother was selling drugs and owes money to her connect, Carl, which forces Nina and her Aunt moody on a hunt to find the drugs that her mother had, then sell them to the first person they can. They pay the debt off and make an unexpected profit from the deal leading Nina into a life of crime. The story fast forwards years later where her Aunt moody steals 50,00 from the same guy Carl, Nina now has to decide how to protect her family. Music by @nyathetruth @coydowney @iam_.kcmarrs @lucky.bodega Instagram @nyree.simone Facebook Nyree Simone

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